So long to the stigma

Locals launch RetrofitCareers, an online job board for recovered addicts seeking employment There’s an entire pool of job seekers most companies have yet to tap into. But they probably should. Studies show these individuals are more motivated and creative than the average worker. They express a higher level of gratitude to their employer, and are less likely to take sick

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A Job Well Done

Story originally presented in the Philadelphia NorthEast Times Northeast residents Dan Schmalen and Doug Kiker have started a job portal to connect recovered addicts with local jobs. When Dan Schmalen and Doug Kiker re-entered the workforce and tried to find jobs, they struggled to find job boards that met their specific backgrounds. Sites like Indeed, CareerBuilder and Monster list many

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Joseph’s Story

I have been in business now for 12+ years, and have used several different employment agencies. While these agencies have been helpful, they do not offer the hope for a better future for those that seek employment during sobriety treatment. Retrofit careers is doing just that with everything from training for interviews to establishing accountability. Retrofit is an amazing opportunity

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