Why use RetrofitCareers?

Welcome to RetrofitCareers and thanks for allowing us to introduce you to a valuable new pool of potential employees.

Recovery is your business. It makes business sense.

Why use RetrofitCareers?

Fact is, whether you have ten, a hundred, a thousand employees or more, statistics show that nearly 10% of your current employees are actively struggling with a drug or alcohol problem. What’s more, over half of all American adults have a personal family history of problem alcohol or drug addiction, and that includes your employees. Chances are, you as a business owner, officer or HR professional, know someone who is currently dealing with active substance abuse disease, are in active rehabilitation, or, have maintained sobriety for years, even decades, successfully. It never goes away, and is never cured (as of 2018). It’s a fact of life, and has been, throughout history.

While thousands who suffer from substance abuse disease are fortunate to achieve sobriety successfully through any number of programs available; 12-step programs, inpatient/outpatient rehab facilities and programs, ongoing psychological counseling and more, most of those programs “stop” at the point of achieving and maintaining sobriety through a given program itself. And little else.

That’s where RestrofitCareers comes in.

Our mission is to help those with substance abuse disease find and sustain a Work/Life balance in successful recovery.

RetrofitCareers defines “Successful Recovery” as simply, “One who has an incurable disease of drug and/or alcohol addiction and has successfully maintained uninterrupted, continued sobriety for 90-days or more with no events of relapse.”

Our reason for being is to provide a direct online portal for those in “successful” drug or alcohol recovery to find meaningful employment to sustain their own Work/Life balance. In turn, provide you as a business owner, officer or HR professional a direct online portal to pro-actively seek and find valuable employees who are in “successful” drug or alcohol abuse recovery.

With RetrofitCareers success, we further aim to provide social programs and resources for many in successful substance abuse recovery in order to further an individual’s own personal Work/Life balance and positive self and common worth.

Ultimately, as fellow business owners, we anticipate and hope you will find valuable new employees from our job pool that will further add to your businesses growth, success…and profitability.

The Benefits of Using RetrofitCareers as a valuable Recruitment tool…

Did you know?

  • You may already be participating in the recovery effort and have profited from those efforts. An EAP program as part of your insurance and benefits package already assists in reducing the impact of drug and alcohol use in your workforce and have experienced improvements in morale and productivity.
  • EAP and Drug-Free Workplace programs result in employees and family members decrease in use of medical benefits which reduces your insurance premiums in the long-run.
  • Former drug users and alcoholics make better employees according to a 2013 study in Great Britain.
  • Former drug users and alcoholics are extremely grateful for a second chance and are highly motivated to work hard and get their life back.
  • Former addicts and alcoholics are normally more committed to your business and loyal as your willingness to help them achieve financial, social and personal stability. That’s the “Work/Life” balance!
  • Former addicts and alcoholics are more punctual to work and take less sick days.
  • And research shows you often find an employee with a higher intellect with an above average IQ and are more creative.
  • And lastly, employees actively in recovery form substance abuse saves a company more than $3,200.00 a year! And that goes to your bottom line.

And in the end, everybody wins!

How to use RetrofitCareers?

Just like any other jobsite you may or may not have previously used to find and attract new candidates for any number of hundreds of possible jobs, just press the POST-A-JOB button to set-up an account and begin posting jobs within minutes. It’s that easy and seamless.

Here are a few tips to consider and remember when using RetrofitCareers as a significant resource to your recruitment efforts…

  1. As with any other recruitment website, headhunter, employment agency or referral, nobody, including RetrofitCareers, can or will guarantee that an individual will be a successful employee for any given period of time. All information; employment history, education, personal information, criminal history, etc. submitted by any possible candidate may or may not be true and accurate and usually can be verified through normal background checks and/or testing you’ve always used to screen and hire new employees.
  2. While an individual’s job application and submission use of RetrofitCareers is entirely voluntary, as with any other prospective employee you receive through any other recruitment tool, because of the applicant’s use to apply for your given job position, you will automatically know where they come from. As with any other prospect, you still interview, question, consider, test, drug or background screen and evaluate the candidate. In the end, you always have the only and last decision to hire or not. But realize by using RetrofitCareers as a viable and important recruitment resource for valuable new employees, you have done some part to help those in drug and/or alcohol recovery possibly achieve that “Work/Life” balance.
  3. RetrofitCareers is committed to successfully pairing employees in recovery with employers who are willing to help them achieve that “Work/Life Balance”. To that end, we employers and all businesses to help us by offering any suggestions on how we could make using RetrofitCareers a better experience.

Thank you for your support!

The RetrofitCareers Family