How We Work

Where’s the money go?

Our new site is much like all those other job sites available on line, but RetrofitCareers is geared specifically to addressing the substance abuse issue and employment during recovery, a disease that lasts a lifetime, whether one is willing to admit it or not.

The BIG main difference between those other job sites and ours is that we are setting up a tandem company, and LLC to make the money from our job site revenue and directly funnel the profits to our NPO,which with the birth of is currently being organized in what will become our programs operating unit.

Quite simply, we have to make the “dough” before we can fund our recovery programs for those whom have gained employment with our job posting businesses, i.e. educational stipends, retirement stipends, transportation, childcare, etc., all of which hopefully will be an added bonus to maintaining a clean and sober life.

Again, our main mission and goal is to get those in successful drug and alcohol recovery get back to work with companies that have enough responsible foresight to consider and hire employees from this incredibly valuable job pool. With the success of our LLC, the secondary objective is to use the profits from our jobsite to help fund those special programs via with a goal of 1/3 of revenues to be used to that end.

It’s a simple and ambitious goal, but one we do not take lightly as many of our organizers are themselves beneficiaries of employment in a recovery based lifestyle…that Work/Life balance.